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Ixalon's News

Posted by Ixalon - April 8th, 2016

Name change completed.

In order for me to allow myself upload my future work here, I changed my artist name to match my current one I use. Previous name came to my mind when I was 11 yrs old, so I wanted to get a better name. It has that better sound and feel :).

I usually upload to Soundcloud, but you can now also find my work here in NG. I'm very slow in making music, so give me time to make something new.


Posted by Ixalon - April 8th, 2016


It's been a while since I posted about moving to soundcloud. I thought that since many ppl are following me here and not on soundcloud, I upload my work also here. I'm going to change my username here to match my new artist name on soundcloud.

In short - stay tuned for my works here in NG too!

Posted by Ixalon - August 26th, 2014

Hi all!

I decided to make a complete change of things with changing my artist name completely. Here on NG I have so many old works that I don't want to keep, but cleaning them takes time. I made a new name on Soundcloud and it is Ixalon. If you're still interested in hearing new works from me, be sure to follow me there!

https://soundcloud.com/ixalon here's a link to my profile!


I'm gonna post World's Call there with my new name on it, and all other work may stay here with my old artist name.

Thank you for all!


~ DJ-Tr4nc3r aka Ixalon

Posted by Ixalon - June 26th, 2012

Hello to whoever who reads this. How's everybody's summer going? Mine is going well as I've been thinking some melodies and been trying to build a song from some of them. They're quite slow to work with, but I'm doing them as I can think of some new ideas. I'm not trying to rush with them so making them slowly only makes the quality better don't you agree? It's worth to wait something that's good ;).

I wanted to write this because there's been too much time since last post (even if nobody even reads these :D)

Well gotta go and try to work with the song/songs!


Posted by Ixalon - May 2nd, 2011

Yeah well as the title almost says it all, I'm making pretty slow progress with my own music currently, still of course improving my skills on them cause it's already tasting better. Remixing is pretty much easier to me still, because when I started any music composing, I started with remixing and of course because I've done that more than own songs, it's pretty clear that I can do that better. So still, making own songs, but sadly I've to inform that my work Sea of Dreams may not be completed since I lost the project data. I will still keep the WIP version of the song here on Newgrounds, even if it doesn't have that much content yet but I kinda like the choir in there.

So here you have it, some information to someone who bothers to read this.

Happy spring to everyone!

Posted by Ixalon - June 19th, 2010

Nothing particurarly interesting here <.<

Posted by Ixalon - November 8th, 2009

Yeah, I just like the subject says, I haven't made any new remixes in a while, and I don't even know will I make any new in here... maybe, maybe not, still I won't quit makin and remixing music, I will continue it as before :)

Posted by Ixalon - April 20th, 2009

Trying own songs only now, remixing is just so easy nowdays, I'm trying to focus on mu own songs now!

Posted by Ixalon - November 20th, 2008

I just wanted to tell that I have started to remix again, so I post new remixes to audio portal when I gt new remix to post :).